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Because every week is essentially “Harris Pastides’ South Carolina University Will Muschamp Memorial Celebrity Alcohol Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Football Game For The Cure”.

Dwight Schrute, AKA the uber-critical fan

Everyone’s favorite character, Dwight Schrute, is probably everyone’s least favorite football game attendee.  He’s the guy (or girl) who gets to the stadium as soon as the gates open and sits in the front row.  His consistent critiques of every play and call will grate on your nerves.  This is the fan that speaks with the confidence of a seasoned ESPN analyst, yet you have the suspicion he/she has never stepped foot on a football field.  Who knows, maybe if the team makes a great play “Dwight” will award them a few ‘Schrute Bucks’.

Andy Bernard, AKA the drunk dude with paint on his face

courtesy of NBC.png

Undoubtedly the show’s most annoying character, it’s easy to picture an “Andy” painted up, blacked-out, and loudly screaming for his beloved Alma Mater.  Just like Andy, this fan probably has a mercurial relationship with schoolwork and will likely be at every football game from here until his last days.

Meredith Palmer, AKA the fan that acts like Meredith Palmer

Courtesy of NBC 1.png

To be honest, we all have a little Meredith in us; it’s a requirement of college.  But some people really go full casual-Friday Meredith during football season.  This fan is usually too busy taking snaps to watch the game, and will repeatedly have to ask which team is in the garnet jerseys and which team in the white.  “Meredith” is gone by halftime, back at the frat lots or Memorial, already forgetting the score of the game.

Michael Scott, AKA The Irrational Fan

MS Courtesy of NBC.png

The World’s Best Boss, Michael Scott, would totally be the guy that barely understands the rules of football, yet takes every precaution to make sure that the Gamecocks win.  This fan has a lucky shirt and hat, and has worn the same unwashed socks to every game since the 2013 Clemson game.  Just like Michael, this fan probably has really bad luck—like he goes to the bathroom for five minutes and misses THE play of the season.

Jim Halpert, AKA the perfect fan

JH Courtesy of NBC.png

For every Dwight and Andy out there, there’s a Jim.  This is the fan that’s avid, but not obnoxious, a good sport, and makes the best game day buddy because he/she is always making sarcastic comments or giving you looks when the girl two rows down falls over or the guy behind you yells in your ear.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t put all the ref’s whistles in jello.

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